Straw pellets for beddings biofuels

Straw pellets – the perfect fuel for domestic boilers and industrial boiler-houses.

While increasing the needs of mankind, the production is increasingly intensifying, while at the same time the industry is more environmentally friendly and still increasing the amount of CO in the atmosphere, it becomes quite important to use more renewable energy sources.
As the oil, coal and other fossil fuel supplies are relentlessly declining, the price over the last 20 years has increased several times, and people began to look for alternatives which could replace the fuel and reduce the rising fuel prices.

One of these alternatives, which perfectly meets the necessary conditions — hay pellets are especially attractive to the consumer by their characteristics and prices. In agriculture, hay is often left to rot in the fields and then is being plowed. This method of hay usage is totally uneconomical, knowing the benefits that can be obtained by processing it into hay pellets and using them to extract the energy.
EU Commission is encouraging to use hay pellets as alternative for other fuels and business entities receive economic benefits by such fuel combustion. By using modern burners which were produced exclusively for hay pellets, hay pellets can be successfully burned in conventional various power solid fuel boilers. In this way it is possible to heat much more economical residential houses, public buildings, space occupying industrial premises or warehouses.

Straw pellets used for bedding:

  • Straw pellets absorb four times the amount of fluid than the its own weight (e.g. 1 liter bedding absorb 4 liters of liquids from straw pellets);
  • Straw pellets are 100% organic, with no foreign odors or impurities;
  • Straw pellets are heat-treated in the temperature of 100-150 C, so there is absolutely no threat to occurring allergy for the animals;
  • Straw pellets not only absorbs the liquid but also retain the smell of fluids;
  • Using straw pellets you will save more bedding and reduce your expenses because our bedding absorbs more liquids from straw pellets than from wood pellets;
  • Since straw pellets are completely natural and organic (made of natural wheat, rye and other straw) they contain many valuable nutrients, fibers, trace elements: potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, so not only they are not harmful for animals, they are beneficial;
  • When soaked they decompose itself, so you can use them as high-quality fertilizer for plants or just to compost them in a pile, until using them as a fertilizer.

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