About us

In the scenic surroundings of Sartai Regional Park, where linger the cleanest and largest lakes of Lithuania, 25 years ago a bakery was opened. Now, JSC “Lašų duona” bakery has become one of the most famous Highland’s bread and pie manufacturing products enterprises.
JSC “Lašų duona” business is unique because it grows rye, wheat, grinds and baked bread and pie products.For Lithuanians, bread is a casual meal since ancient times. Over thousands of years, our ancestors created the perfect bread and pie production recipe which our bakery’s workers constantly foster. Our products are baked without preservatives, only from natural products, and advanced technology preserves the Lithuanian cooking traditions. Bread and pie recipes are company’s secret and pride.

JSC “Lašų duona” supplies special taste products for weekdays, weekends and celebrations. Folk wisdom says that the warmth of human hand gives the taste for bread. So, even though we use modern production facilities, we try to save the relationship between human and bread. Machinery mixes, rolls the dough but the loaf is being put to oven only by human hands. JSC”Lašų duona” takes care that the company’s production would become a part of each family. High skilled and experienced personnel ensure that bread and pies would be tasty. You can find the widest range of bread and bakery products in our JSC “Lašų duona” brand shops.The company offers many kinds of rye bread, because rye bread to Lithuanians has always been a casual meal. In many countries of the world, people eat white bread, but long research found that black rye bread is way easier to digest, and has better nutritional properties.There is a deep frozen bakery production line installed, which significantly extend the use of production, and gives it a distinctive taste and aroma.
We export frozen bakery products to USA, Australia, Island and European Union countries.We would like to take note some our special products: bread “Lašų”, “Ajerų”, “Rygos”, “Bočių”, “Jums”, “Visai šeimai”, “Palangos”. These are especially high-quality products, prepared in accordance with the ancient traditions of production. The taste of this bread is appreciable by buyers from all over the world.Introducing advanced technologies, the company takes care of the environment, safe working conditions of employees, ensures high production and service quality, transparency and relationships based on trust are the fundamental values that ensure success of this business.