Pellets export information

Straw pellets are particularly easily digestible. Packed in 20 kg packages, our products are easy to transport, handle and store. This package makes it easy and convenient to feed horses under any circumstances — traveling to competitions or in stationary stables.

After sieving the pellets and cleaning the dust, high-quality straw pellets are packed and transported to the customer.
The main part of produced straw pellets production consumes stud farms, using them as a horse bedding (litter). The other part of this product is bought by heat producers in order to use straw pellets as fuel for heat production.

  • On Big Bag can accommodate up to 1,100 kg of pellets. Also straw pellets, if a customer requests, can be packed in plastic bags of 15-20 kg.
  • Straw pellets bags can be placed on pallets. On average, a pallet is loaded after 60-70 bags.
  • Possible dimensions of pallets are 1,00 m x 1,20 m and 0,80 m x 1,20 m.

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