Fodder pellets

Hay pellets, especially designed for horse-balanced nutrition will help, according to the best EU professionals, to feed your beloved trotters.

Fodder’s formula is balanced for those who are successfully developing the teaching horseback riding the mature horses process, this product is also ideal for trotters which are involved in professional horse-racing.

Hay pellets are made of especially pure, high-quality raw material of the fodder.

We are glad that horse breeder are satisfied with this substantial fodder. Horses like hay pellets, because this fodder is tasty, light, medium albuminous and has lots of good digestible fiber.

Our product has adequate quantities of nutrients for daily food ration for horses, to meet the nutritional needs without any other food supplements, cereals, and does not require to give the animal additional roughage, molasses.
The product is dust-free, has no impurities or debris and artificial additives.

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