Bread export information


Boxes quantity per pallet   



EUR pallet (0,8m x 1,20m) ~height 2,10m   42 - -
American pallet (1m x 1,20m) ~height 2,10m - 60 60
Lower american pallet ( 1m x 1,2m) ~ height 1,5m - 44 -

Additional logistic information    
  • average weight of 1 EUR pallet is 600 kg.
  • By client request, pallets could be reinforced with cardboard corners.
  • Standard truck (refrigerator) accommodates 33 EUR palettes.
  • 40` RFR marine container accommodates 22 American palettes (with loading pallets).
  • 20` RFR sea container accommodates about 10 American pallets. Small containers loaded without pallets.
  • For customer convenience, it is possible to load without pallets and save additional one pallet location in marine container. Then we can load 23 American pallets in 40` RFR container.